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If you are a landlord, you have some important obligations to the people renting out your buildings. Commercial landlords can have even more responsibilities on their plate and liabilities to concern themselves with. If you are a tenant and feel that your landlord has been neglectful, they might not be living up to their end of your contract. Our Long Island, NY commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyers can make it easier for you to figure out exactly what everyone’s role is and who is obligated to handle which tasks.

What Are Some Legal Obligations for Commercial Landlords?

Different contracts can lay out different rules, but commercial landlords generally have a few responsibilities to their tenants. The landlord could be responsible for:

  • Building maintenance and upkeep
  • Making structural repairs when needed
  • Managing issues like mold
  • Paying for commercial property insurance
  • Making sure that the property meets minimum standards for energy efficiency
  • Ensuring that the facility is in compliance with any state and local building codes

Your contract would be the final authority concerning who is responsible for all of this. For example, sometimes a contract can hold a tenant responsible for basic maintenance or make them pay for property insurance. This is why it can be important to have a lawyer on hand when you negotiate a commercial lease. You want to know exactly what you are signing up for.

What Kinds of Liabilities Do Commercial Landlords Have to Worry About?

Commercial landlords can also have liabilities to concern themselves with. That is why they require clients to have liability insurance. In New York City, you are not moving into a new commercial space without having the required amount of coverage.

This policy has to cover bodily injury and property damage. It also usually has to name the tenant as the insured, which protects the landlord from any additional legal action. This is done to ensure that landlords cannot be sued for things done by tenants or their invitees.

However, a landlord can still be held responsible for damages caused by their own invitees, people they asked to come onto the property. They could also be held responsible if they are not keeping up with their work, like if they fail to maintain the building and someone else gets injured because of it. If you have a dispute and think that your landlord caused a safety issue, a lawyer can help you parse out what exactly occurred.

Contact Our Firm Before You Make Your Next Move

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