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What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid in Commercial Real Estate Transactions?
Commercial real estate deals can be complicated, but our experienced lawyers can help you avoid some common mistakes that can cost you money.
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Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?
Navigating a commercial real estate deal on your own can be difficult, but experienced lawyers from our firm can make things easier.
What Are Some Examples of Zoning Regulations?
It is important to know about zoning and land use regulations before purchasing a commercial property or signing a lease.
going over contract
How Can a Lawyer Help Negotiate a Commercial Lease Agreement?
A commercial lease can be confusing and full of hidden terms that can affect your business. Let one of our lawyers help you negotiate.
girl turning around open sign
What are the Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases?
There are many types of commercial real estate leases and a lawyer from David A. Gallo and Associates LLP can help you sort through…
commercial litigation law
What Should I Look for in a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?
When you need a commercial litigation attorney, you may not know what to look for. This blog can help you learn what you need…
man in partnership dispute yelling on phone
What Should I Do if I’m in a Partnership Dispute in Long Island, New York?
Are you in a partnership dispute? You'll want to keep reading to learn how to navigate this situation and why you need the help…
Should I Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer?
Wondering whether you need a business litigation lawyer? Read on to learn more about the tremendous benefit of having one in your corner.
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