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Trade Secrets, Non-Solicitation & Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are prohibitions on employees from joining competitors or starting a competing venture for a period of time after termination of their employment. David A. Gallo & Associates represents both employees seeking to defend against unreasonably restrictive agreements and employers seeking to protect their confidential trade secrets. Contact our Long Island, NY commercial litigation lawyers today to help protect your interests.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is the “secret sauce” that gives your business an advantage over other businesses. Common examples of trade secrets can include formulas, processes, strategies, recipes, or other means that give a company a leg-up against competitors. Generally, information that is not protected or easily acquired publicly is not a trade secret. Identifying these important factors requires experienced counsel to avoid unnecessarily protracted disputes or, alternatively, be prepared to protect your interests in the courtroom. If you or your company is at the center of a dispute over trade secrets, our New York City and Long Island legal team is here to seek legal recourse on your behalf.

Non-Solicitation Agreements

New York non-solicitation law prevents employees from quitting their job and convincing other employees at that job (or customers of that place of employment) to join them at their new place of employment, particularly with a competing employer.
You should note, however, that the standard is rather high for a non-solicitation agreement to be considered valid and enforceable here in New York State. To enforce the terms of a non-solicitation agreement, the company must prove the solicitation of its employee resulted in the wrongful disclosure of trade secrets or other confidential information.

Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement prevents employees from leaving a company and joining a competing company (or starting their own competing company). Often, employers ask employees to sign these agreements on their first day of employment. Our legal team can help navigate these disputes, draft enforceable agreements, or protect the rights of the employee or employer through litigation.

Contact David A. Gallo & Associates, LLP Today

The bottom line is whether you’re looking to navigate the implications of an agreement, draft an agreement, or believe your employee has violated the terms of an agreement in place, our legal team is here to help. Contact David A. Gallo & Associates, LLP today for help handling any matter concerning trade secrets, non-solicitation, or non-compete agreements.

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