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Long Island, NY Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

At David A. Gallo & Associates, LLP, we handle real estate litigation on behalf of residential and commercial property owners, mortgagees, businesses, and investors. Whether the issue involves easements and right-of-way, complex title litigation, co-op and condo law, construction litigation, land use, actions for partition and sale, or any other matter, we are well-versed in the applicable law and ready to protect your interest in the property.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Litigation Lawyers | Here for Clients in Long Island & throughout NYC

If a dispute arises that impairs your property rights, you should strongly consider retaining the services of a seasoned attorney who can help ensure your rights are protected at every turn. We can review contracts and land records, negotiate favorable contract terms, resolve disputes, and ultimately ensure your interests and goals are realized.

Residential Evictions

Our firm represents landlords in residential evictions. David A. Gallo, Esq. has handled complex commercial and residential landlord-tenant matters for over thirty years. Mr. Gallo served on the Special Commission on the Future of New York City Housing Courts and served multiple terms on the Housing Court Advisory Council, which makes recommendations on applicants seeking appointments and Judges seeking re-appointment to the Housing Court.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation Services

In New York, the applicable real estate laws constantly evolving and we constantly monitor changes in the legislature and appellate courts. Our attorneys are experienced and use that knowledge to help our clients achieve successful results.

Residential Real Estate Litigation Services

If a party threatens to impair the rights to your property, whether due to a boundary dispute, contractual interpretation, or document in the land records, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced New York City and Long Island real estate litigation lawyer who can effectively handle your case. If you need a strong legal advocate in your corner, look no further than David A. Gallo & Associates LLP.

Why Hire David A. Gallo & Associates LLP?

The most important part of any commercial or residential real estate transaction is an experienced team with a record of successfully resolving myriad disputes. David A. Gallo & Associates LLP has extensive experience delivering results. Nearly every case requires an understanding of contract interpretation and real property law. Further, when disputes arise (as they often inevitably do), you’ll need a skilled civil litigator in your corner with an understanding of the procedural remedies available to you. Our firm checks every box.

Contact a Lawyer to Help With Your Commercial Real Estate Transaction Today

The bottom line is that if you are facing a residential or commercial real estate dispute of any kind, our legal team is here to help. No case is too complex for us to take on. Contact David A. Gallo & Associates LLP today to schedule your initial consultation with our dedicated Long Island real estate litigation lawyers.

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