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About David A. Gallo & Associates LLP on Long Island, New York

Our law firm, with a rich history dating back to 1986, is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services in the realms of Real Estate and Commercial Litigation. Based in New York City and Long Island, we have established ourselves as a firm that combines deep legal knowledge with a client-focused approach. Read on to learn more about our firm and our mission.

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David A. Gallo & Associates LLP FAQ

In this FAQ section, we aim to offer insights into our firm’s philosophy, areas of practice, and the distinguished team that makes up our legal family. From the foundation and history of our firm to the diverse practice areas we cover, these FAQs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of who we are and what we do.

Here, you’ll find detailed responses about our key practice areas, which include commercial and business litigation, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate litigation, and much more.

Q: When was David A. Gallo & Associates LLP founded?
A: The law firm was established in 1986.

Q: What are the main areas of practice for David A. Gallo & Associates LLP?
A: The firm has extensive experience handling cases in commercial and business litigation, commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes, real estate litigation, real estate closings, state court appeals, and mortgage default services.

Q: What is the geographical focus of the firm’s practice?
A: David A. Gallo & Associates LLP primarily serves clients in New York City and Long Island.

Q: Can you tell me about the firm’s founder, David A. Gallo?
A: David A. Gallo, the founding partner, has decades of experience handling cases in the field of real estate law and has been a member of the New York State Bar Association since 1981. He has served on various legal committees and councils, including the Special Commission on the Future of New York City Housing Courts.

Q: What kind of clients does the firm represent?
A: The firm represents a diverse clientele, including individuals, local businesses, large corporations, and major banking institutions.

Q: How does the firm approach commercial litigation cases?
A: The firm handles a wide range of commercial litigation issues, including trade secrets, non-compete agreements, unfair competition, partnership disputes, and breach of contract. They focus on advocating for the client’s interests at every stage.

Q: What services does the firm offer in real estate litigation?
A: The firm handles real estate litigation for both residential and commercial property owners, dealing with issues like easements, title litigation, co-op and condo law, construction litigation, land use, and more.

Q: What are some specific services offered in the realm of mortgage default?
A: The firm provides mortgage default services, including handling foreclosure and estate proceedings, title curative, REO sales, and bankruptcy.

Q: Does the firm have experience with appeals?
A: Yes, the firm has experience in appellate practice, handling cases when initial litigation does not yield favorable results.

Q: Does the firm handle residential evictions?
A: Yes, the firm represents landlords in residential eviction proceedings.

Q: What approach does the firm take in commercial real estate transactions?
A: The firm assists in commercial real estate transactions, ensuring smooth processes that include reviewing and clearing titles and finalizing transactions.

Q: How does the firm support businesses in litigation?
A: The firm prepares litigation strategies based on their extensive experience, advising clients on the inherent risks but always being prepared to take a case to trial if needed.

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