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No one wants to evict a tenant, but sometimes you are just left with no better choice. Evictions can be complicated and expensive, especially when commercial real estate is involved, but it could be your best option in select situations. We do not recommend pursuing this on your own though. Instead, talk to our Long Island, NY commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyers and learn more about your options and how we can help this process along.

When Can Commercial Real Estate Owners Pursue Evictions?

Commercial property owners need to have a specific and justifiable reason for removing a tenant from their property. They cannot just remove a tenant in hopes of securing one who would pay more, but removing a tenant because they will not pay rent is valid. The eviction process can take a while though and it can get expensive. So it is wise for property owners to pursue other ways to solve this dispute beforehand.

What Does the Evictions Process Look Like?

If all other options are exhausted and an eviction must begin, the property owner must provide notice to the tenant. Once the notice has expired, a property owner can file a complaint with the court and start the judicial eviction process. A summons is issued and the tenant has a chance to respond. If they do not respond, a judge will often grant a landlord’s request to evict them.

How Can a Tenant Defend Itself During the Eviction Process?

Your tenant has a few ways of defending themselves from this process. They can say that:

  • There was a lack of proper notice
  • They have been discriminated against as a tenant
  • There is no proper reason for eviction
  • The landlord is the one who actually breached the contract

If your tenant decides to fight back, that can extend this process and cost you money. Having an experienced commercial real estate attorney on your side can help you shut down these defenses and complete this process quickly.

Why Should a Commercial Real Estate Owner Use an Attorney?

It can be difficult for a commercial real estate owner to keep up with all laws and regulations relating to the landlord-tenant relationship. Our experienced lawyers are caught up on such laws though, along with any other rules regulating this industry as a whole. That is our job.

So if there is any confusion about the eviction process and what needs to be done to remove a problematic tenant, our lawyers have you covered.

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