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Commercial real estate projects can involve a lot of people and companies, so it is no surprise that construction disputes can arise from time to time. It is important to be prepared for potential disputes and have a plan for solving them. Tackling any possible problem that can come up is difficult, which is why we recommend having experienced professionals on your side. Our Long Island, NY real estate litigation lawyers can help you navigate any issue that may arise as your project progresses.

What Are Some Common Construction Disputes?

Most commercial real estate projects involve a lot of people and companies. Construction disputes are bound to happen at some point, so it is good to be prepared for some of the common ones like:

  • Payment disputes
  • A contractor abandoning their duties
  • A difference in goals and vision
  • Arguments over the quality of materials
  • A defect left behind by a builder
  • Poor behavior by a contractor or subcontractor
  • Delays

Do I Have to Go to Court to Resolve Construction Disputes?

Not necessarily. Litigation is often an option, but it can be an expensive way to solve problems. Some choose mediation instead. A neutral third party sits down with you and whoever you are having a dispute with. They can guide you toward a solution that is good for both of you. This method can work well somethings because it is a less adversarial environment than a courtroom. You are working together, not against each other. Mediation is often a faster way to solve a problem too.

Arbitration works a bit like litigation, but the process is slightly streamlined. Both sides get to make their case and then a neutral third party gets to make a decision. This decision is legally binding, so both parties must agree to abide by the arbitration ruling before the process begins.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Solve Construction Disputes?

Having a lawyer on your side is often a necessity when dealing with construction disputes. You want to be sure that you are adequately protected and that you do not get into any legal trouble. A lawyer can also help you argue your case if you decide to tackle a dispute through arbitration or litigation. Plus, they can answer your questions and keep you advised about any issues that may arise.

A lawyer can also help you stop some types of disputes from forming in the first place. We can make sure that there are no holes in your contracts and agreements. We can also make sure that you have not overlooked anything that could cause a legal headache later on.

Talk to Our Real Estate Lawyers

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