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There are plenty of building codes and regulations that you need to abide by when taking on any kind of commercial real estate project. This is why you need to know the local regulations. If you do not know them, you should be working with Long Island, NY real estate litigation lawyers who do. Our firm can help you avoid some serious legal pitfalls.

What Is The Purpose of Building Codes?

To put it simply, the purpose of building codes is to keep people safe. Local regulations are designed to keep workers safe during the construction process and keep any occupants of a building safe once a project has been completed.

There are many types of building codes that can apply to all parts of a project. There are regulations concerning plumbing, materials, gas appliances, and all types of mechanical systems. You will even find rules about how tall ceilings must be on certain floors or in certain types of buildings. It can be tough to keep track of all codes, but it’s a necessity.

What Happens If I Don’t Comply With Building Codes?

If you do not comply with building codes, you are going to run into problems. In some cases, an issue can simply be pointed out and fixed. If you do not have a record of ignoring building codes or anything like that, then that may be the end of it.

However, continued violations and major breaches can cause problems. You could have stop-work orders issued and fines levied against you. Obviously, this affects the total cost of your project. Then you could even have your building permits revoked if you are working on an improvement or expansion project. This is a major headache. Complying with codes and regulations can seem difficult, but we cannot emphasize how much more annoying it is to deal with legal hassles when you are trying to make a return on your property investment.

What Other Standards Need to Be Met During a Commercial Real Estate Project?

Commercial real estate projects are also bound by other requirements. A project must abide by:

Construction noise rules: NYC is quite crowded, so people working on construction projects need to be kind to their neighbors. There are rules about when construction can occur and you must develop a construction noise mitigation plan of your own.

OSHA standards: There’s no escaping safety standards on a commercial real estate project. Follow the rules about crane safety, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, and training or you can expect to get into some serious trouble.

Sustainable building codes: Some updates to building codes require projects to be more sustainable. This can mean sourcing different types of materials, like cross-laminated timber.

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