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When you are working on a commercial real estate project, every dollar matters. A sudden, unexpected cost can sink even the most well-planned project, and one surprisingly high expense developers never want to see is a larger-than-expected tax bill. It happens though, and if you do not have a lawyer who can help you with property tax assessment appeals you may be out of luck. Fortunately, our Long Island, NY real estate litigation lawyers are here to help you lower your costs and get back on track.

When Are Property Tax Assessment Appeals Necessary?

When you own a commercial property, the city will assess it and come to a conclusion about how much property tax needs to be paid. How much is owed can depend on a wide range of factors. What kind of property is is, how much of a footprint it has, and numerous other factors could help determine how much is owed.

When you get an assessment that just does not make sense or work with your current business plan, you need to look into how property tax assessment appeals can be carried out. The process, known as tax certiorari, is often quite complicated and difficult to navigate on your own. This is why having a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with commercial properties and all of the laws and rules concerning them can be so handy to have on your side.

Your lawyer can file the necessary paperwork and make sure that you do not miss any deadlines. Any failure to follow the rules exactly or any missed deadline can mean that your appeal is dismissed outright. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a more affordable property tax. If that fails, they will represent you in court.

Why Have a Lawyer Help With Property Tax Assessment Appeals?

You have a business to run and you probably consider yourself an expert on many things, but you may not be well-versed in the tax laws of the state and city. You may be able to find a solution on your own, but that is just going to take time away from your business.

Focus on what you know and let our litigators focus on what they know. We have plenty of experience handling property tax assessment appeals for our clients and fighting for the best possible outcome. We do not promise to work miracles, but we can tell you that we will use our experience and knowledge to do everything that we can to get you a better deal.

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