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If you are getting ready to sign construction contracts or develop a new piece of property, you need to be sure that you are getting the best possible deal. The Long Island, NY real estate litigation lawyers from our firm can help with that. They can look over each part of the contract to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Then they can help you ensure that everything else is up to code or conforming with state and local laws. If you want a transaction to go smoothly and you do not want to deal with headaches and extra costs later, having a lawyer by your side is a necessity.

How Complex Are Construction Contracts?

You may think that you have a handle on these construction contracts that you are getting ready to sign, but such agreements can be more complicated than they appear to be initially. There could be many moving parts and more involved parties than you thought, like subcontractors. Our lawyers can make sure that nothing has been left out and that there will not be unexpected issues later, allowing you to move forward with your project with minimal worries.

Do All Properties Require an Environmental or Impact Study?

Many types of construction projects and developments require what is known as an environmental or impact study. Essentially, this study tries to understand how the development of this new project could affect the surrounding environment or community. Will there be more pollution as a result of your property development? Will there be significantly more people living or working in the area?

Getting a study done is often a necessity. Skipping over one either due to laziness or ignorance can cause all sorts of problems. An experienced lawyer knows the value of such studies and when they have to be carried out. They can make sure that you do not run into a major regulatory issue with projects of your own.

What Do I Need to Know About Zoning Laws When I Sign Construction Contracts?

Your construction contracts also have to be drafted with local zoning laws in mind. If you are unfamiliar with local zoning laws, we have some good news. Our lawyers know these regulations inside and out!

So having a commercial real estate lawyer look over any construction contracts and development deals is a wise idea. You can make sure that all zoning laws and other regulations have been accounted for.

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