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If you are interested in the commercial real estate market, you should not try to go it alone. There are many rules and regulations you need to follow, and there are seemingly an endless number of complications that could arise when making a deal. This is why you need a commercial real estate lawyer on your side. An attorney can protect your property and your capital, so learn more about what our Long Island, NY real estate litigation lawyers can do for you.

What Can a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Do When I’m Purchasing Property?

Your commercial real estate lawyer can be extremely helpful when you are purchasing property. Not only can they help you negotiate a price and go through a contract to make sure the terms are favorable, but they can also let you know if there are legal issues or other potential problems before finalizing a sale.

One important step that they can handle for you is the title search. This can turn up information about a property that a seller was perhaps not eager to disclose. For example, you could discover that there is a tax lien on the property, something that would complicate matters if you were to buy.

How Can a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Help When I Rent Out My Property?

A commercial real estate lawyer can also help you rent out a property. They can help you negotiate a lease and make sure that you are following all local rules and regulations.

They can also make sure that your contracts are complete and that no crucial information is missing. It is a good idea to make sure that matters like insurance, taxes, and who is responsible for building maintenance or repairs are all outlined in your initial agreement. The less potential confusion there is, the less chance there is of a conflict developing later.

Can a Lawyer Help Me With Tenant Disputes?

Unfortunately, even your best efforts cannot fend off all disputes. Your lawyer can help you handle them. Whether dealing with residential or commercial tenants, our attorneys do their best to bring negotiations to a close quickly and minimize costs to our clients. Letting your lawyer handle disputes can save you time as well, freeing you up to focus more on your business and other important matters.

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