Defending Commercial Tenants

We protect businesses in commercial landlord tenant litigation, obtaining emergency “Yellowstone” injunctions,  lease negotiations, rent abatements and forbearances, COVID-19 business strategy.

Lease disputes and litigation threatening your business are significant distractions and can result in a loss of revenue or dissolution of the business. It’s important to have experienced attorneys fighting for your company’s rights when a dispute arises. David A. Gallo, Esq. has handled complex commercial landlord and tenant matters for over thirty years. Mr. Gallo served on the Special Commission on the Future of New York City Housing Courts, and served multiple terms on the Housing Court Advisory Council, which makes recommendations on applicants seeking appointments and Judges seeking re-appointment to the Housing Court. If a landlord tenant case involves complex discovery or expert witness testimony, your business needs an advocate ready to deliver results. The firm’s broad experience includes:

  • Yellowstone injunctions
  • Actions for Declaratory Judgment
  • Holdover and Nonpayment Eviction Defense
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Litigation
  • Department of Buildings Violations
  • Lease Withdrawal Negotiations
  • Disputes over Security Deposit and Pro-Rata Tax Share